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If you are a competent D.I.Y boater and want to save £££s in repair bills and you can fit one yourself or know a man that can we recommend the Model GI 70 SM

If you have no idea about boat electrics but you know you need an isolator then we suggest you go with Model GI 100 SMI Inline Easy Fit as you can install these in just 30 seconds!

Both models give maximum available protection against both galvanic and stray current corrosion.Both models simply fit inline with the shore power connecting cable and require no electrical knowledge.

Stop press.... If you are lucky enough to have a 32 amp large vessel commercial power supply we now supply both models of inline easyfit isolators with upgraded internal isolator / 32 amp cable /heavy duty plug and socket. Please phone for details.

We despatch worldwide....Full lifetime warranty all models....Same day despatch

Need more help: 0044.. (0)1977 513607...Talk to the experts now!

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