Safeshore began trading in 1998 after 20 years experience in commercial electronics. After experiencing severe corrosion to his own boat the owner realized the need to protect against the problems associated with marina power connections. Although very basic D.I.Y isolators were available there was an obvious demand for a professional standard of protection.

Always demanding high standards Safeshore began production of a high quality isolator rated at a generous 70 amps to offer the required protection. This unit proved so successful we began production of the our advanced isolator systems with the addition of led fault sensing and easy test facility. Available with inbuilt or remote sensing these units offer the maximum available protection to your boat and are now the UK's most successful galvanic isolators, providing maximum protection against both galvanic and potentially devastating stray current corrosion!

As the years progressed Safeshore added upgraded 100 amp units to satisfy the commercial and U.S. marketplace.

Always listening to extensive customer feedback Safeshore designed and manufactured the first "Plug and play" easy install isolators: The same high standard isolators enclosed in waterproof enclosures with simple 30 seconds to install!...Just plug it in! Available with status monitoring again offering superior protection from both stray and galvanic current corrosion

20 Years on and with over 24,000 UK boats reliably protected Safeshore are proud of their reputation for highest quality products and superb customer service. 

Backed with lifetime warranties we justifiably claim you cannot buy a better isolator!

Safeshore isolators currently protect many marinas throughout the UK and Europe.

Quality, Reliability, tried and trusted protection with lifetime warranty.

We are always pleased to help....Professional advice....Tel 01977 513607

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